BAS stands up for the protection of the historic architecture in the Protected City Scape Statenkwartier. Local residents with questions and concerns about damage done to the architectural outlook or to the public space can ask for support.  We act on our own initiative or if our attention is drawn to an infringement by attentive neighbors. Sometimes this is successful in leading to the adjustment of a building plan or the reversion of an inappropriate construction, sometimes it isn’t.

How do we take action?

  • Giving cultural-historical, architectural or legal advice to interested parties such as neighbors, local residents and co-owners in a VVE (Association of Owners). For example in  understanding architectural drawings or in writing a legal text.
  • Signaling the toning down of architectural values ​​in a requested environmental permit or in a construction work carried out without an environmental permit (a so-called illegal construction).
  • Submit an opinion to the municipality on a requested environmental permit and to the Monuments and Welfare Commission during the consideration of the plan.
  • File an objection against an granted environmental permit. To appeal in case of a rejection to the administrative court (if necessary, to the Council of State).
  • Informing other stakeholders and interested parties in the neighborhood and in the city, the press or politicians.
  • Collaborate with the Neighbourhood Committee Statenkwartier and other The Hague organizations with like-minded objectives.
  • Writing informative articles about the history and architecture of the neighborhood – and the possible threats against it. On the way, have some patience, please.
  • To put the many architectural and urban highlights of the Statenkwartier in the spotlight on the BAS website and on the architecture app. The app is in construction.
Frederik Hendrikplein, Antoon Molkenboer, Albert Vogel fountain, 1936
© Marja Langenberg