BAS foundation


Van den Eyndestraat 12
2582EC Den Haag


  • Marja Langenberg, chair
  • Abe van der Werff, secretary
  • Hans Westenberg, treasurer
  • Maarten Ruijters, architecture expert

Marja Langenberg (MSc Arch, MSc BA) is an architect by training and a management consultant by profession. She worked both in business and in the public sector. She is a board member of SHIE (The Hague Foundation for Industrial Heritage) for which she also conducts research.

Abe van der Werff (BA) has a career with various functions in the cultural sector and in art education behind him. Until 2020 he was editor (-in-chief) of the “Statenkoerier”.

Hans Westenberg (LLM) graduated in civil law with a minor in administrative law. For many years he was a judge and lecturer in civil procedural law about which he also published. Nowadays he has a legal consultancy firm that deals with procedures in the field of environmental law.

Maarten Ruijters (MSc Arch) was co-founder and owner of the architectural firm Ruijters and Thio. Their housing project The Chinese Bridge received the The Hague Urban Renewal Prize in 1995. The jury report praised this project in the old city center for ‘the upgrading of the ensemble of front facades along the canal due to the interaction of the new building and the existing historic buildings’. Maarten is a much sought-after speaker on architecture at the Museon and other museums and has published about the Statenkwartier, including in an architecture guide for the Statenkwartier “Strolling through the Statenkwartier” (2015).

Ruijters and Thio, The Chinese Bridge, Zuidwal The Hague, Google streetview