Protest to the demolition of the pinnacle for an additional storey at Frederik Hendrikplein 34!

To everyone’s surprise and horror, the city council granted an environmental permit for the demolition of the authentic pinnacle and the construction of an additional rooftop storey at Frederik Hendrikplein 34.

Frederik Hendrikplein 29-36, the unspoiled ensemble.

The Frederik Hendrikplein is the shining centerpiece of the State Protected City Site Statenkwartier (Rijks Beschermd Stadsgezicht). The damage to this striking corner building will diminish the architectural value and outlook of the square. The building block Frederik Hendrikplein 29-36 must keep its authentic and unspoiled architectural ensemble character. We are afraid that this building permit grant is creating a precedent for future applications by owners striving to enrich themselves in a quick way by building more additional rooftop storeys and thus demolishing other authentic architectural features.

BAS will file an objection with the municipality against this granted environmental permit on the grounds of a violation of State Protected City Scape and of the damage to the cultural and historical value of the building block and the square. The residents and neighbors of the square received a flyer from BAS in which we call for all interested parties to make an objection. The more objections, the more difficult it becomes for city council. BAS has already received several dozen responses from concerned residents objecting to these nefarious plans and we will assist in filing these objections. They will hear from us soon.

Click here for the flyer.

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