Strong support for our objection against granting an environmental permit for Frederik Hendrikplein 34!

Supported by over 60 residents BAS has filed the notice of objection.

The flyer campaign generated a lot of publicity and support. At least 25 residents have either objected to the municipality or have authorized BAS to do so on their behalf. BAS also lodged its notice of objection with the municipality on behalf of these 25 proxy holders. In addition, BAS also received about 40 statements of support in another form, which BAS attached to the BAS notice of objection.

In the notice of objection BAS architect Maarten Ruijters discusses the damage to architectural values ​​in detail. Attached to it is a second expert report by monuments architect Evert Jan Nusselder, illustrating in word and images how the protected historic city scape is affected. The Friends of The Hague Association (1700 members) also submitted a well-founded objection. Those three documents all underscore the incorrect assumptions and internal contradictions in the earlier advice of the municipal Monuments and Building Aesthetics Committee.

The view of the roof structure to be built as in the environmental permit (© ir. E.J. Nusselder)

What’s the  importance of designating a protected city scape conservation area when the private interest of a real estate owner outweighs the heritage values? When this environmental permit is not withdrawn, all remaining turrets and pinnacles in the Statenkwartier will be in danger and the protected cityscapes throughout The Hague should fear the worst. This precedent should be avoided!

An environmental permit was also granted on April 22 for Frederik Hendrikplein 30 – part of the same iconic architectural ensemble as number 34. Here too, the applicant wishes to build an inappropriate additional roof storey. BAS will also file an objection against this environmental permit.

Are these turrets and pinnacles also in danger? (© Maarten Ruijters)

Architect by education and management consultant by profession. She lived in the beautiful Statenkwartier for the best half of her life.

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