Examples of BAS activities

Scheveningseweg 54-60 (2018-2019)

When the old office building was replaced by a new complex with 143 apartments, the zoning plan in volume and height was exceeded in volume and in height. Nevertheless, the municipality issued an environmental permit. BAS and the neighboring residents’ organizations involved have jointly raised objections and appeals to the municipality and to the Council of State, unfortunately not with the desired outcome.

Scheveningseweg 54-60, © Maarten Ruijters

Transformer building Statenlaan corner Frederik Hendriklaan (2020)

Network operator Stedin proposed to install two tall and striking fan pipes on this transformer house -somewhat neglected and misused as a billboard but with refined masonry. With support of BAS residents of the Statenlaan with a direct view of this authentic brick building have objected to the Environmental Permit. BAS submitted an alternative design, which was not adopted by the Complains Committee. Instead Stedin has promised to modify the design by shortening the pipes and installing a new slate roofing. Pay attention if this is indeed going to happen!

Statenlaan, Transformator building, © Abe van der Werff