Frederik Hendrikplein 34

This flyer was distributed to all residents of and around Frederik Hendrikplein on April 15, 2020.

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Lodging an objection on May 4th

BAS submitted its notice of objection to the granting of the environmental permit to the municipality on May 4th. The objection elaborates on the lack of architectural quality of the design and the damage to the protected city scape. The enclosed expert report by Evert-Jan Nusselder, a well-known architect and consultant specialized in monumental architecture, elaborates on this. The flyer campaign was successful: many residents of Frederik Hendrikplein and the immediate vicinity filed an objection themselves or authorized BAS to do so. BAS was able to add more than thirty authorizations from residents to its objection. The protest from the residents, BAS and other concerned heritage organizations in the city is apparently so widely supported that the municipality has decided to extend the regular period for the hearing of the interested parties to mid-July. There will be a public hearing and we are waiting for the date to be announced.