Instruction for a notice of objection Frederik Hendrikplein 30


You can file a notice of objection in 2 ways:

1.  Through Internet:

Submit your notice of objection by way of

You need a DigiD for this. E-mailing is not possible.

2. By post:

Send your notice of objection to:

Mayor and Aldermen of The Hague
AWB / Objection
PO Box 12600
2500 DJ The Hague.

In the top left corner of the envelope, state the words AWB/BEZWAAR.

You may also hand in the notice of objection at the desk of the City Hall, Spui 70, The Hague. Please ask for a receipt. The counter clerk has to give you one.


State in your notice of objection:

  • Name, address and telephone number (where you can be reached during the day) and e-mail address. It concerns the name and address details of the person who actually objects not an authorized representative.
  • The date of your notice of objection and signature (in case of objection by post).
  • Description of the permit you object against:
    • The partial demolition and renovation of the office with house Frederik Hendrikplein 30 and the construction of a roof structure and an extension (Het gedeeltelijk slopen en renoveren van het kantoor met woning Frederik Hendrikplein 30 en het maken van een dakopbouw en een aanbouw)
    • Reference of the permit: 201922350
    • Date of the permit: April 17, 2020
    • Department: Urban Development Service.
  • Enclose a copy of the permit you object against.
  • The arguments for objection. You can simply write down and in your own words why you do not agree with granting the building permission. You can do this in great detail, for example by indicating what is wrong with the new rooftop structure to be built, that this construction is in conflict with the zoning plan or other regulations you know. You can also simply indicate that and why you do not like such a rooftop structure on site or that it is a shame that characteristic parts of the existing building will be demolished.

Power of attorney

Are you submitting the notice of objection on behalf of someone else? In that case, enclose a written statement (authorization), signed by the other person, stating that you are authorized to file the objection on behalf of that person.

Submission deadline

Please note: the deadline for submission is May 28, 2020 (within 6 weeks of the date of issue of the permit).

If your notice of objection isn’t filed in time, there may be decided that your objection will not be heard.


Filing a notice of objection is free of any charge.

!!! Language

The notice of objection must be written in Dutch.

The power of attorney may be written in Dutch (click here for Dutch example form) or in English in the case English is your native language (click here for English example form).

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