De Kempenaer House for sale?

Is there, after 15 years of vacancy and decay, finally hope for the villa at Eisenhowerlaan 132, De Kempenaer House? For a long time, the Municipality and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs let the decay happen, being unable to enforce a restoration and wanting to stay away from arguing openly with owner Saudi Arabia. Members of the local council, the local press, BAS Foundation and others have demanded action loud and clear, and as it seems things are beginning to move. Alexander Weissink gives an update in Het Financieele Dagblad of June 17, 2023 (in Dutch). The Saudian ambassador has been addressed and the Municipality is prepared to enforce restoration. How will this continue? Saudi Arabia is willing to sell the property. Will the house continue to be in decay or will a new owner restore De Kempenaer to its former glory? We sincerely hope for the latter.

dome of De Kempenaer House
The dome of De Kempenaer House in better days Ⓒ Maarten Ruijters

Wim de Koning Gans worked until 2021 at The Hague Municipal Archive, where he was responsible as curator for historical and current photos of the city. In 1994 he published 'Het Statenkwartier in oude foto’s 1895-1945', followed by some other books with historical photos of The Hague and one about Amsterdam.

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